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July 24, 2017

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Pretty little liars We all love our favourite drama series Pretty Little Liars. And it is a shame it has come to an end.  Here are some quotes from it that you will remember when you read it. Hannah I am not ever  →
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SuperDAD “Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy.” Any man can be a father, but good father is a strong and influential figure over his children. A good father makes all the  →
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Hold on, it was banno tera swaggers!   So turns out the very catchy song from Tanu Weds Manu Returns isn’t Banno Tera Sweater, its Banno Tera Swagger! Which I suppose makes much more sense, but then sweater works too! Anyway, my bad, but I am all obsessed with this Banno tera swagger  →
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Pikachu or flash pikachu I love Pikachu I can say that Pikachu is cuter and stronger than all electric Pokemon and is the cutest in the Pokemon world in the game Pokemon.  Pikachu or flash Pikachu? This Flash Pikachu T-shirt will make your day a  →
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Master of awesomeness-crime master gogo Bollywood is a really funky place. From neon clothes to weird hairdos, you will find actors dressed up in freakiest costumes possible. And we couldn’t forget the one and only Crime Master Gogo because Crime Master Gogo, is the master of awesomeness!  →
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To lol or not to lol This was LOL worthy, but the volume of my laughter surprised me. As my little fingers tapped my screen to respond to my friend, I felt compelled to share my spontaneous joy with you, friend. LOL indeed. Are you responding  →
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I am chubby and I like it I am fat and I am ridiculously happy. That may just be my personality. My career does involve coaching plus size women to seize the day and embrace their curves. I coach them to be fat and proud; to  →
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Stuck on Coldplay Coldplay, the famous British rock band has been at the top of the music charts for more than a decade now. The four-member band was formed in 1996 and has enjoyed huge popularity worldwide. What better way to treat your wardrobe  →
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Indian star wars- bahubali  Bahubali being called as India’s “Star Wars,” smashing box-office records worldwide. Bahubali is a superhero, he can fly, he can stop an elephant. WOW! This bahubali t-shirt is the best thing you will ever find.  →
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Parental advisory Explict content not suited for lighthearted audience! You should definitely checkout this Parental Advisory-Explicit Content t-shirt.  →
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