In the ancient city of Mesopotamia as early as 4000 B.C the rich and intriguing history of Bronze Art can be dated back; and even extended to the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. From Greece, Egypt, and China the most notable Bronze Statue findings have come. To immortalize and honor their dead the Egyptians began creating Bronze Sculpture centuries ago for tombs. From thousands of years ago archeologists are still finding bronze artifacts today from Greek and Roman civilizations. After these findings, before being revived again during the Renaissance, with great pieces like Verrocchio’s ‘David’, Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Bronze Horse’, Benevento Cellini’s ‘Perseus’, and countless works by the great Donatello and many others the great tradition of Bronze Sculpture was lost for hundreds of years. Bronze has been universally prized for its permanence, durability, and beauty. So, the finding of Bronze Statues and artifacts still goes on today all over the ancient world.

Any other artistic expression can’t be compared to the feelings of grandeur and majesty that a Bronze Monumental Sculpture or Bronze monument can bring to any home, area, garden, or arena. To wonder and gaze up at it in awe and introspection they make such an impact as to draw every eye in the vicinity. For centuries, sculpture have been used by artists from every culture and all walks of life, all over the world to celebrate and invoke feelings of remembrance, gratitude, respect, patriotism, reverence, and love.

The meaningful importance of any significant moment, person, historical or religious event can be captured and portrayed by a bronze monument or sculpture. Any space can be transformed into a solemn and reverent place of reverie by Bronze Statue memorials, so that anyone that you wish to honor is immediately immortalized for everyone to cherish. To celebrate and honor any educational institution to celebrate the pride and nobility of your school Bronze Mascots are also another way. For all to behold and appreciate for generations to come the reverent beauty of bronze can make all these cherished memorandums into amazingly detailed 3-D likenesses.

Religious statues and/or sculptures can help us remember the unshakable impact the Monumental Sculpture has had for our world and in our personal lives and convey the magnificence and steadfastness of all of our faiths. Giving us a thing of captivating splendor to gaze upon and help solidify our devotions to the people who have changed our lives forever Bronze monuments of Jesus Christ and other religious figures can solemnize and beautify our religious gathering places.

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