Representing art using mediums of pigment, binder and drying oil has been in practice since ages. Although it came to life initially through the brushes of Chinese and Indian painters, oil painting gained its zenith of prominence during Renaissance with magical touches from Michelangelo’s David, Leonardo d Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Raphael. Hand painted art was seen as a medium to address the pain and sufferings of the times.

However, over the years, this art has gone through changes. Besides creating unique artwork, eminent painters look to reproduce iconic portraits from the Renaissance or medieval period in an attempt to preserve this rich legacy. Popular painting houses today carve out visually blissful paintings for your home that can add a new dimension to your living room.

A painting for the interiors –

Whether it is your house, a pristine hotel or a luxury yacht, oil paintings look adorable everywhere! It adds an extra bit of aura to that place and lets you dwell in antiquity. So, it may be worthwhile to give a thought about getting hands on such a classical piece of art. But, if you are still convinced, the following section will help you cement that thought.

     1. The intricacies –

However beautiful a picture may be, hand painted art has a different level of significance. An artist lays all his attention to every minuscule detail while painting a subject. Every brush stroke on an art glorifies the legacies associated with that frame. It is worth admiring.

     2. Tactile art –

The surface feel of a painting can never live up to the qualities of hand painted art. Whether, an artist prefers wood, canvas or watercolor paper, the varying texture that every brush stroke incurs to a painting is simple yet awe inspiring.

    3. Uniqueness –

Every painting is unique. Even when made from the same scenery or portrait, no two paintings can match one other. This is because, a particular landscape changes every instant and human’s expression alters every second. So, it is advisable to get hold of such a unique piece of art.

   4. Recreate legacy –

Various eminent paint houses use oil painting as a medium to recreate artistic beauties from the historic, medieval or Renaissance age. As such numerous copies of the famous or The Last Supper currently loom this globe.

So, even you can get a portrait of Mona Lisa in your living room or Michelangelo’s David in your dining room. Moreover, if you are looking to decorate you hotel chain then some eminent hand painted art can escalate your hotels exquisiteness manifold.

Reliability check –

However, before you opt to buy such a masterpiece, you should keep a check on the following points regarding a seller.

     1. Licensing:

A reliable and authentic painting house will have proper copyright license. Since eminent paintings are of historic importance as well as priceless; you wouldn’t want to find yourself entangled in legal matters.

     2. Experience:

Check out their official website. Make a note of their experience in this field and a few noticeable works if any.

    3. Customer Service:

Ensure that they provide a reliable team for maintenance of your hand painted art. This involves preserving the color, texture and quality. 

So, if you want your house to look that much more beautiful and classical; contact a reliable painting house today and get yourself a magnificent piece of hand painted art.