Mobile phone security is a very important issue. We are not referring to the physical security of the mobile phone. We refer to the data that you transmit when communicating with people. People use the mobile phone for a variety of uses. They conduct their business transactions using the phone. This is a positive aspect of mobile phone usage. However, this area is fraught with dangers as well. There are always chances of pilferage of your data after you transmit the same. We shall see how it is possible. At the same time, we shall see the benefits of encrypted text messaging to overcome the problems of hacking.   

Normally, one takes great care of the mobile phones. People do not allow others to operate the phone without their permission. However, the data becomes open to pilferage once the data is out of the phone on the way towards the recipient. You have to contend with the unscrupulous mobile service providers as well. In addition, you may encounter Governmental investigative agencies that might require the transcripts of your messages. Of course, they have a right to do so for investigative purposes. However, the earlier two instances can be dangerous. Therefore, one should employ high-level security to encrypt the messages while transmitting the same.

The mobile phones of today use the PGP mode of security. There is nothing wrong with the system except for the fact that is an outdated one. There is a need for updating the system. The hackers have become conversant with the existing system. Hence, it has become unsafe.

There is a new system in use today in the Blackberry phones by the name of ECC security developed by Global Security. This is a high level security system working on the concept of Elliptical Curve Cryptography. How much is this security system better than the existing one? You can have this doubt. We consider it our responsibility to clarify your doubts.  

Consider the analogy of the energy required to boil water. One does this job literally every day. You can compare the PGP system as the energy required to boil one tea spoon of water. Under the same yardstick, the ECC security would be the equivalent of boiling the entire water on this planet. This should give you an idea about the strength of this system.

Using the ECC security, you can transmit text messages, voice messages, pictures, and videos as well. You cannot do the same with the existing PGP system. The ECC system allows you to self-destruct the messages whereas the same is not possible with the PGP security.  

There are many other distinguishing features. We shall look at them individually in a separate article. We can state that the ECC security is of the highest standard. No one can hack the system unless one has the pass code. The beauty of the system is that you decide the codes and not the mobile service provider. Hence, you can defeat the designs of the unscrupulous mobile service providers easily.