Customer experience is key to overall customer satisfaction and will be a significant driver

when it comes to referrals and repeat business. If you want to ensure that your customer

experience is as good as it can be, then you need to look at every aspect of your product and

how you present it. Sometimes, this means not only looking at the product, but also the

documentation that comes with it.

If you’re in the business of selling packaged furniture, toys, or any product that

requires assembly, then you may be interested in Bilt and how it can help your overall customer

experience strategy.

What is Bilt?

BILT is a modern approach to the traditional assembly UX. Think about any goods you’ve

purchased in the past and the assembly instructions that were provided with them. In many

cases, the assembly instructions don’t live up to the product and can degrade the overall

customer experience. No matter how good a product is, if the instructions are frustrating,

unclear, or outright incomprehensible, then it would be natural to form a negative perception of

the product and the brand.

Sometimes poor assembly UX is caused by poor communication when outsourcing

manufacturing, and at other times it is caused simply because a company doesn’t have the

expertise to create user-friendly assembly guides. BILT aims to address this by providing a service that creates digital assembly instructions that can be accessed by customers on a simple smartphone app.

The Key Advantages of Using Bilt for Assembly UX

Your company is good at making and marketing products. Creating assembly instructions

requires a different set of skills, particularly if you want the instructions to be accessible for

consumers at every level of understanding.

BILT uses professional instructions experts who can create assembly documentation from your

original CAD designs. The instructions are designed not only for accuracy and ease of

assembly but also for understandability from the consumer perspective. BILT distributes

assembly instructions through an application interface, so there’s no need to make physical

copies which can be lost or misplaced.

Because instructions are distributed digitally, new and improved instructions can be rolled out to customers even after the products have left your warehouse. This is a huge benefit of digital assembly UX, and you will appreciate how this allows your business to operate leaner and with more efficiency.

?Using a digital system doesn’t just make the customer experience better, it also makes it

easier for you to operate as a business. You will receive fewer calls for assistance when

customers have new products, and you’ll reduce your product return rate because customers

will be able to easily assemble your products as soon as they are unpacked. A system like Bilt even allows for 3D and interactive

instructions, making things much clearer than a traditional paper printout.

If you’re planning on going digital, then you could even reduce your overhead operating costs. You’ll no

longer need to print assembly guides and user manuals, and they won’t have to be added in with your


Simple to Get Started with an Innovative Company

Your customer experience strategy deserves the benefits of a system like BILT, and you’ll notice the

improvements as soon as you start using the service. It’s convenient for you, as well as consumers, and is affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

You can learn more about the system today, and start taking steps to improve your assembly user experience with all future products.?