How was stem cells storage a blessing to a child? Aaron, an 11-year-old boy, was born with a life-threatening genetic issue, which to a great extent was harming his immune system from functioning correctly. With the condition where even a small problem could lead to a major infection, there was only a single way out. He underwent stem cell transplantation. Currently, he is in a recovery stage.

Thus, from this medical treatment itself, it can be seen that with that part of the umbilical cord that is dissected from the mother’s body, close to 80 health issues can be treated. Also, as per latest records, on average 10,000-12,000 children require this transplantation within the age of 20 years. More reason for you to give stem cells storage a second thought.

Current research options in regards to stem cells:

With embryonic stem cell research getting extremely popular amidst medical researchers, scientists are finding brand new prospects for better development of medical treatment. Though, this is at an extremely nascent stage, yet, latest research has proved that stem cell therapy can cure a number of health problems.

However, before you jump the gun, it is important that for your child, you choose a high-quality medical institution, the likes of stem cells Dubai, for its storage.

Stem cell storage: the solution to 5 diseases:

Although research is still continuing, stem cell therapy is believed to be a cure for the following 5 major diseases:

                 1. Parkinson’s disease:

This is one of the most prominent neurodegenerative factors that affect the nervous system of the body. The usual symptoms are a loss of speech, stiffness, and tremors in the body. As per latest developments, with stem cell storage facility available, transplantation enhances neurons that make dopamine. This improves motor function in the body – a fact proved by tests on rodents.

                2. Lou Gehrig’s disease:

Known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS cripples human body by damaging muscle-controlling motor neurons present within spinal cord and brain. Hence, stem cells storage can pave the way for a potential cure for this as well. Scientists are finding ways, by which stem cells can reinstate the work carried out by motor neurons.

               3. Alzheimer’s disease:

This fatal disorder is caused by dead brain cells that cause behavioral issues and cognitive decline. By using stored stem cells, you can replace dying cells. Everything is still in the research stage, although prospects do look bright.

               4. Sickle Cell anemia:

This blood disorder has an approximate solution as depicted by the experiment on rodents. Mice suffering from this problem were infused with stem cells of their skin. Again, stem cells storage can help if curing this disease if required.

               5. Multiple organ failures:

As a preliminary proof, scientists have grown a beating heart of a mouse, with cells from newborn mice. It is still under trial, but recent results are positive.

Now, that is quite an exhaustive list! If you wish to ensure a safe life for your child, make it a point to store their stem cells. Choose out an HTA licensed medical organization, with certification for procuring and storing of the umbilical cord and whole cord blood. You can check out options of all stem cell solution Dubai for giving your child a safe future.