As pet owners, nothing could be more devastating than losing a pet while you are on your business travel, or being unable to care for your pet because you were sick yourself. This is why, just for these incidences, it is important that you are in contact with good pet resort Brisbane. 

Non-pet owners might think that a pet resort Brisbane is just a way for you to splurge more money unnecessarily on your furry friend, but the fact is these establishments are as necessary as child day care centres. They allow professionals to do their jobs and still provide proper care for their pets. They allow people to recover from illnesses without worrying about their pets. If you have not found a pet resort Brisbane yet, these are things you should look into. 

Visibility and reputation

As much as possible, you should look into dog kennels Brisbane that already have good, established reputations. Try not to put your pet into a shady one you cannot find in the yellow pages. It is also not advisable for you to just dump your pet at a trial pet resort Brisbane because you are in a hurry to travel. While being listed in the Yellow Pages is a small sign that the business takes itself seriously, don’t forget to dig deeper. Don’t just trust online reviews. Do follow throughs and contact actual clients to confirm the establishment’s reputation before entrusting them with your pet. 

Sanitation and Comfort

Some of these dog kennels Brisbane will have a gallery and even videos showcasing their facilities. It is important to keep in mind that any business would put its best foot forward to get more clients. To avoid getting disappointed by a pet resort Brisbane, do an ocular before checking your pet in. Some facilities might not allow visitors for safety and sanitation purposes, but they will provide viewing rooms. Take note of how often they clean the place for dropping, and how frequently they bathe their pet guests. 


How safe is your pet while it is staying in your shortlisted pet resort Brisbane? Is there a likelihood that your pet will run away? How is the supervision in the facility? What is the ratio of caregiver to pet? Are you comfortable with this figure? How do the caregivers treat their pet guests? 

Health care 

All dog kennels Brisbane should have a resident Veterinarian who can be on call should any untoward incident happen to your pet. In an ideal set up, pets are always happy and healthy, but the likelihood of illnesses and accidents usually increases at the most inconvenient of times. Just to be on the safe side, choose a pet resort Brisbane that has a Vet you can trust. Also leave them with the number of your pet’s Vet. 

Immunization Requirements

It is not advisable for you to check your pets into a pet resort Brisbane with very lenient policies when it comes to immunizations. You would want to make sure that your pet is protected from illnesses. Exposing your pet to other animals with incomplete shots is just dangerous. 

Policies for emergencies 

While you are entrusting your pet to professionals and hoping for a peaceful travel, you need to be clear about how you want them to communicate with you should anything happen to your pet. Leave clear instructions and trust only dog kennels that respect the owner’s wishes.