Here goes a situation –‘A’ has some load which he needs to ship from one place to the other. The only problem is that A does not have a proper truck to load his goods.

‘B’ has a truck to ship loads but he is not getting anyone who will give him the shipment order. In this scenario, both A and B went to the Messiah freight load boards, and they registered themselves. Within few hours, they got a perfect match. Now, with this A can ship his load in B’s truck!

This is the magic of freight board. With this situation, you must have understood how freight load board works. But if you need to know how they find the match, then read on to know more.

How truck load boards matches with its carrier?

This involves two people and one platform. To start with, there will be a ‘shipper’ and a ‘motor carrier.’ Both will post on the free load board platform. According to the size and weight of the shipping load, there will be suitable options for the truck that will be appropriate for the load.

To avail this amazing match, all you need is to register on the free load boards! But, if you think this is it, then there are several other advantages that you will get from using free load board.

7 reasons for you to use freight load boards

If you were getting excited about just one reason that it will give you the perfect match for load and truck, here are seven more reasons for you to use this.

  • The Ultimate planning tool!

It has technology that helps you to facilitate multi-leg trucking routes, shipping lanes, search for truck stops and support system. It also gives you the perfect trip plan!

  • You will get so many things for ‘Free.’

Who doesn’t like ‘extra’ in life? Free load board will give you lot of extras, and here they are –

                  – Free registration
                  – Free posting
                  – Free search
                  – Free unlimited freight broker credit report
                  – Free search for T.I.A. Performance Certified Loads
                  – Free notification

  • These are up-to-date

You will not be disappointed with age old information. Rather you will get new posts and updated information both about freight and trucks on a daily basis.

  • You don’t have to invest much

After so many things you are getting free, there is a very nominal freight broker charge. So, all the convenience of shipping and loading at a budget price!

  • In terms with freight billing factoring company

It means, registered members will have the leverage to find appropriate freight, get a fuel advance along with 100% funding. All of this within hours of delivery; maybe, even before leaving the shipment site.

  • So easy to access

All you need is a working internet connect and then check the freight load boards for any information, update, search, etc.

  • Carriers never have to drive their truck empty again

Suppose after the shipment is made at the given location; instead of driving the truck back empty, they can search for the load which needs shipping in the location (or nearby) where the carrier is heading. So, this makes it a perfect deal.

Now that you have all the information regarding truck load boards, all you need is to find the right company and start moving. Choose the one that suits you the best!

Jim May is the author of this article on trucking boards. Find more information, about truck load boards here